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In this lesson I will help you to release any feelings of emotional blackmail that you have experienced because those feelings will only become toxic to a new relationship because if you have to do something to prove your love and care for them they do not love you because if the did they would never ask you to do anything to prove your love.

So by letting any of these feelings go you will feel more relaxed and attract the perfect partner for you.

We created a scale, from most likely to land you a relationship, to least likely.

If you want to get married, casually date or simply hook up, take a look below.

Luckily for you, there's a dating site (and app) for everything in between.

With Spira's help, we narrowed down which sites and apps users should check out.

Well done you did it before you collect you Certificate of Completion to hang with pride to remind you of all the positive changes you have acquired let me and others have some feedback by writing a review.

With so many dating apps hitting the market seemingly every day, sometimes it feels like singles need an app just to match them with the right dating app.

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With a passion for healthy relationships, she encourages others to live out the abundant life Jesus offers. "Traditional online dating sites 15 years ago were for..socially challenged, the dating challenged, the shy person, the geek who couldn’t meet people out and about on their own," Julie Spira, an online dating expert and founder of , says. "You may find the most compatible person [who] could live two miles down the street from you." But how do you even know where to start?