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24-Jun-2018 02:47

Just then, a couple walked by, hand-in-hand, and completely naked except for their footwear. He was even taller, with muscles on top of his muscles, and an absurdly-long appendage dangling between his thighs.One of my many trepidations about visiting this resort was that all of the women would be supermodel-worthy, and all of the men would be bodybuilding gods with giant cocks. I was in good shape for a man of my age, and from everything I had seen and read, I had nothing to be ashamed of down below.When we were led to our room, I desperately wanted to release all of my pent-up sexual frustration.Kathleen, however, preferred to quickly change and head straight to the pool. We made our way back to the pool and found a couple of available lounge chairs.By four o’clock, I suggested to Kathleen that we check out the rooftop hot tub. We set aside our belongings, waded into the water, and sat at the bar.

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Although I tried to behave as casually as possible, I couldn’t help but glance at each and every naked body.

I squeezed Kathleen’s hand as we checked in at the front lobby. We were handed a glass of champagne, and we toasted to our exciting new adventure.

As we continued the check-in process, I looked to the rear of the lobby, where a glass wall separated us from this mysterious fantasyland.

Kathleen and I exited through the back of the lobby and into the grounds of the resort.

When we turned the corner toward the pool area, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.I wore a bathing suit to the pool, while Kathleen wore a bathing suit bottom and a sheer white top.

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