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10-Apr-2018 20:29

In remote areas where wired broadband is too costly, however, customers could be forced to rely on wireless links.

On Fire Island, in New York, for example, Verizon refused to rebuild the copper infrastructure destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, offering a fixed wireless service called Voice Link in its stead.

Laboratory tests by Broadcom confirm that it’s not just my aging ears: Even in the best conditions, including a quiet environment and a strong wireless signal, users consistently rate voice quality lower on a cellphone than on a landline.

Weaken the cellular link or add background noise, such as from wind or street traffic, and callers’ opinions of the experience drop dramatically.

For example, to create an elegant, palmable chassis for watching videos and thumbing through music playlists, smartphone designers shrink and flatten speakers and sometimes even cover them in plastic, Kyriakakis explains.Beerends, a senior researcher at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, in Delft, is one of the world’s top experts on sound perception, and I’ve called from Boston to ask his opinion on the quality of audio on mobile phones.