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This was a final ludicrous plot turn, so obviously unplanned.You wish that that revelation had been Revelation, that Dan had suddenly ascended heavenward, eyes shining starfire as he intoned “WE ARE ALL GOSSIP GIRL,” and the heavens opened to rain hellfire on Earth, and decent folk like Dorota rose with Him, while monstrous cravens like Carter Baizen remained behind to smirk and suffer. Someone who would’ve been an apt replacement: Dorota, the delightful Polish maid who dutifully served the Waldorf family for decades, as she was privy to the many secrets of the show’s leading characters for years.

And characters on the show have a tendency to lurk around corners, or See Things They Shouldn’t See from a hidden vantage point, like actors lurking on the Upper Stage of the Globe Theatre.Nostalgia remembers the phenomenon, erases later-lesser years.You can go back and watch the pilot on Netflix right now and ignore the canonical revelation — reality-crashing spoiler alert — that Dan Humphrey, last great fashion showcase for the color brown, was Kristen Bell all along.If Serena van der Woodsen had to end up with someone other than Dan Humphrey, Ryan Reynolds isn’t too shabby a choice.

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Lively married PEOPLE’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive in September 2012, and the two have gone on to welcome two daughters: James was born in January 2015, and she became a big sister when the couple welcomed Ines in September.“I totally did [think Dorota was Gossip Girl] and I also kind of hoped it would be, and then I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t,” she explained in a new In fact, Szadkowski revealed how the majority of people on set didn’t know who Gossip Girl was until that scene was actually filmed, which caused a lot of annoyance among the actors: “They were just handing us pages with big, blacked-out blocks and being like, ‘Well, we’ll get to it!