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The extractive sector is the second largest source of foreign direct investment and represent close to 40% of exports, with gas and gems being the two main revenue generating commodities.

The Myanmar government's 12-point Economic Policy accentuates the strategic role of EITI in the reform process, specifically in natural resource governance.

The process will include a review of existing information, data collection, developing a GIS database and mapping, and a series of round-table meetings, consultations and workshops with stakeholders and topic-specific technical expert groups.

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“The military chief had told them to go by the constitution, and the military MPs also had shown their disapproval during a recent parliamentary session.” “So, the NLD is giving up its call to have the article suspended because there is too much opposition from the government and the military, [and it wants] to pave the way for a quick transition,” he said.The announcement of the date change followed a meeting by the NLD’s 15-member central executive committee on Sunday.

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